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3 October, 2023, Tuesday

Taking its name from the jade stone on it, Jade Roller is a massage tool that you can use on your face. Before explaining the benefits of this tool, let’s talk about the features of jade that are not known by many.

Jade is a special stone that has never lost its value and meaning from ancient Chinese times to the present. For centuries there has been a deep-rooted connection between Chinese culture and jade. For the Chinese, this stone represents health and longevity. According to the legend, the seeds of the great Chinese Dragon Long, who gathered the characteristics of 7 different animals in himself, left all over the world, solidified over time to form jade. The jade stone, which was indispensable for the Chinese emperors in history, is also known as the “Emperor Stone”. Jade is a stone that gives youth, it is believed that Chinese emperors lived long lives thanks to jade. This stone opens the pores and eliminates blackheads. Removes wrinkles and gives a younger look. It is also known as a real immortality stone, as it reduces stress and gives peace of mind. It has been an indispensable part of the skin care routine of Chinese women since ancient times. The trend of facial massage with organic stones, which is the most popular skin care application of recent times in the United States and England, drew attention to Jade Roller. This tool brings vitality to the skin by combining the energy of the jade stone with the rolling motion. It is said to provide effective results, especially by opening wrinkles, preventing the formation of acne, and ensuring that products such as serum and cream are better absorbed by the skin.


Accelerates blood circulation and is effective in reducing under-eye bags and bruises. It helps tighten the pores. It reduces the appearance of swelling and fine lines, massaging your face with a roller activates the lymph. By breaking the fat cells accumulated on the skin, it provides the treatment of chronic acne formations.


To get the full benefit of jade, store Jade Roller in the refrigerator. Cold relieves bloating. After cleansing your skin, either with or without the cream, remove it with a twisting motion from your neck to your forehead. If you have wrinkles or dark circles around your eyes, apply your eye serum and apply it with inward-outward movements.