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when we talk about detox, the first thing that comes to mind is purifying the body from toxins and staying away from harmful foods. Nowadays many people have begun to understand that mental health is as important as body health. While detoxing our body we should do the same process for our soul as well. The Only way for  a fully effective and completely healthy body and mind is  possible with a holistic approach. If we nurture our soul well, we can solve our mental and emotional blockages. For physical detox, the first step is always to remove toxins and the first step should be same for a mental detox.  Get toxic people out of your life. If this isn’t possible , communicate with them at a minimum level. Toxic people make us feel bad, they are unsupportive and abuse us, we can simply define toxic people and relations in this way.  

How do we recognize toxic people? 

toxic people

Emotional vampires;

They take your positive energy and break down your positive outlook on life. I prefer to call them “The Dementors”, those who watched Harry Potter knows them, their other name is soul suckers. In the movie, Dementors catch people and suck their soul,  absorb all their happiness and kill them. Toxic people complain constantly, they have  a negative vision and they focus on negative rather than positive things in life. They cause you to focus on the negative  too. If you believe there is an emotional vampire around you who is hiding their true identity  in a normal person’s mask, you should move away from them immediately.

Narcissists; Narcissistic personality disorder. Actually this subject is a separate topic in itself, very long and detailed. If we have to summary,  people who do not have empathy towards others and self-centred are called narcissists. These people, who have jealousy at the basis of their behavior ,can  also feel happy when you feel sad. They make you feel bad, underestimating your intelligence, achievements and strengths.                                                                       

Victim psychology; people who act like victims. People in this role are very attractive. Especially, If you have high empathy, they can affect you more because victims can be always right in your eyes. Their grievance cannot be questioned and they are not held responsible for their actions. Playing the role of Savior is attractive to people with normal psychology. The person in the role of the Savior constantly helps people around them.  The victims  say ‘What happened to me is because of what others have done to me.’   They don’t take responsibility for their wrong behaviour. Some people  use victim psychology so well that ,even  if there is no problem in their lives, they still act as their problems continue. They exploit good  people.

You must remember that; To end a relationship with toxic people is extremely important for the peace of your inner world and happy life. Also, you will feel reborn when you rescue yourself from such people.


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Mental Detox

when we talk about detox, the first thing that comes to mind is purifying the body from toxins and staying away...

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