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Dry Brushing Technique

Nowadays dry brushing has began popular. Actually, this method has been used since ancient times. Beauty has always been very important for women since these times. The cosmetics industry is highly developed today but ancient beauty secrets are still effective.                 

We brush our hair and clean our teeth every day so why not brush our bodies?  Beauty experts recommend that we should brush our bodies once a day but in my opinion, brushing before each bathtime is enough. Dry brushing will be easier to clean your body from dead skin.       

 What is Dry Brushing and How is it done?  

  You can easily find any, body brush from pharmacies or beauty shops. However, you should be sure that the brush is made of goat hair or natural bristles. Artificial hairs can irritate your skin or cause an allergic reaction. Dry brushing technique’s first goal is deep cleaning and softening the skin however at the same time, one of the important benefits is supporting lymph flow which is also an important benefit.  The task of the lymph nodes is to remove excess and toxic substances from the body. Skin scrubs promote lymph flow.                                                                   

The scrub direction must be from the bottom of the body to the top,  doing this towards the heart helps you improve your blood circulation. When the blood flow accelerates, your body may feel warm. This treatment has a refreshing effect on the body because of that, I don’t suggest to do this before sleep otherwise, you may not sleep comfortably. The best time of the day is in the mornings. Dry brushing your body before a shower will help start the day energetically. However, the most important thing is; you shouldn’t put too much pressure on the body and not apply it on varicose veins.       

goat hair brush

 The Dry brushing method is a kind of peeling, it cleanses the pores from oil and dead skin. If you have acne problem on your back you will easily see the healing. Also, If you do this treatment regularly, It will also have a good effect on cellulite and prevent the formation of cellulite. You can also rid of unwanted hair from the legs and groin area with this method.  Once You have dry brushed your body,  taken a warm shower,  it’s now time to moisturize the skin. Doctors say between 30,000 to 40,000 skin cells die every minute on our body. Moisturizing the body at this stage is so important.  My advice to you; the product which you use for moisturizing, should be natural. Natural body oils will be a good choice for that.          

And finally one of the important detail is, how to keep your brush after the treatment.  Wash your brush every 2 weeks with soap, rinse deeply and dry well.                                                                                                                                                             


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